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Click to request a kennel reservation.

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First Dog.....$22/day

Additional Dog(s) same kennel.....$17/day



First Cat.....$10/day

Additional Cat(s).....$6/day


First Dog.....$29/day

Additional Dog(s) same suite.....$19/day

Free bath and nails given to dogs staying 7 or more days. 10% discount on stays 14 days or longer.

  • Our regular kennels are 4' by 6' inside and 4' by 8' outside. Kennels are air conditioned and floors heated for pet comfort.

  • Kennels are sanitized for a healthy environment.

  • Pets are able to enjoy outdoor time in large runs, and kept separate for safety.

  • Suites are 8' by 10' and include a toddler size bed and TV.

  • Baths and grooming can be requested during visits. Please call ahead to schedule.

  • We have a separate area for cats and other pets.

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